Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander_Rogovskyy, Max_Walter (from: 18:24), Adrian_Dapprich, Lukas_Abelt, Nils_Alznauer (from: 18:24), Clemens_Beining (from: 18:24), Simon_Döring, Manuel_Messerig, Sophie_Kohler, Lisa_Raber, Nicolas_Erbach, Julian_Baldus, Karl_Schrader (from: 18:24), Anton_Voran, Mona_Schappert, Johannes_Hostert, Niklas_Schneider
Moderator:Manuel Messerig
Minute taker:Lukas Abelt


Math Prep Course

We were joined by Niklas and Johannes today from the Math Prep Course team.
As in the previous years they have asked us to provide them with some money so that they can host some social events.
There was some miscommunication in the last year which lead to relatively high costs in that iteration. However they have assured us to be more careful this does not happen again.

We had a brief discussion about how to handle it this year and what are the most important guidelines in order that the prep course can use the money.
We have decided to allocate them with a budget of up to 500€ which they can use in full if required, but do not have to.

Deans Lunch

We used to have a deans lunch once per semester to discuss various topics with the dean of studies, study coordination and other important persons of the faculty.

During Covid this kind of ended. Alex proposed to reintroduce this. Alex, Nils and Nicolas will draft a mail to contact all the persons that should participate in such an event to set up a meeting.

Ice Cream Distribution

Lukas gave a brief update on the Ice Cream Distribution planned for next week. Planning is going well and the shifts will be assigned by friday.

We will start next tuesday at 11:30 in the council room.


Our Sommerfest together with the Math Council is happening in two weeks on July 7th.

Lukas gave a brief update on the planning and we had some discussion regarding the food options during the event and brainstormed some ideas for vegan options.
Additionally we will have free cake and salad during the Sommerfest. For the cake we got a donation from the FdSI to provide sufficient amounts of cake. We thank the FdSI for this donation.
For the salad buffet we want to crowdsource this. People can enter a form online. As a compensation they will get vouchers for a free drink and one item from the Schwenker.

Additionally we will host a Beer-Pong tournament with a small entry fee. The link to register will be provided shortly.

Kitchen Hygiene

In the last time some of the stuff in the refridgerator have gone spoiled (Especially milk for the Kaffeekasse)

We once again ask everyone to keep the kitchen clean and clean up after themselves, Especially at the end of the day, check if the milk container for the coffee machine is nearly empty and put it in the dishwasher if that is the case.


The Students' Council now officially has a wax sigil. We honored this by creating our first official proclamation that was officially sealed. It can be found outside the council room.