Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander_Rogovskyy, Max_Walter, Lukas_Abelt (from: 19:04), Clemens_Beining (till: 18:52), Simon_Döring, Manuel_Messerig (from: 18:42), Sophie_Kohler, Keerthana_Burly, Munem_Shahriar, Nicolas_Erbach, daniel, Anton_Voran, Mona_Schappert, Janine
Moderator:Simon Döring
Minute taker:Alexander Rogovskyy


Ice cream event

On tuesday we have our free ice cream event. We decided to prepare the student council room today so tomorrow won't be in a hurry.

Summer BBQ

The task force is currently talking to the FM to get water. Problem: no one feels resposible for this as various people from FM are referring to each other. Bureaucracy yay! In general, most other organizational topics are more or less sorted out.

Social media work is going to start tomorrow.

Everyone is supposed to fill out the doodle.

On cleaning

We usually clean our floor with chloride during our ticket parties. The cleaning personnell was concerned about it. She recommended us to
- not clean with harsh chemicals in the future and
- instead let the cleaning personnell take care of it. There is one person responsible for every building that we are supposed to contact so that they can relay that to the cleaning personnell.

Cleaning with chloride last time left our floor with some bright spots. Apparently we did not do it fully correctly.

To get rid of the bright spots, the cleaning personnell said that we *could* try to clean it again once more with chloride (this time properly!), and in the future refrain from doing so.

The question was raised whether we should have another ticket party.

We will postpone this until at least the end of the exam phase. Sophie is going to keep track on this issue.

Student Council meeting slot

Manu made a new doodle. Please fill it. If you say that you *can* attend on a certain slot, **please stick to it**. Filling in "?" means that "can but don't want". "tick" means "can and want". "Cross" means "can't".

You have time until Friday 23:59 to fill out the doodle. The chosen slot will be used effectively next week.