Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander_Rogovskyy, Adrian_Dapprich, Simon_Döring, Manuel_Messerig, Sophie_Kohler, Keerthana_Burly, Munem_Shahriar, Nicolas_Erbach, Nicolas_Schmitt (from: 18:26), Mona_Schappert, Kai_Vogelgesang (from: 18:26)
Minute taker:Alexander


Appointment committee

There is an appointment committee that needs students' representatives. We appoint the following people:

Studentischer Vertreter: Nils Alznauer
Stellvertreter: Mona Schappert

Teaching quality

The office for quality control got in touch with us about a survey on different topics regarding the study situation. We need to fill in a Doodle together with the Math people. Simon D. will take care of this.

Power in Seminar Rooms

Apparently, in 105, some sockets are not working. There are also reports of non-functioning sockets in the corridor of E1.3 and in room 107. We have already relayed this to Erich before; Adrian will write another email.

Summer BBQ

We thank Lukas, Sophie and the Math Council for taking part in the organization process of the summer bbq. Additionally, all the council members are thanked for helping out.
We thank the FdSI for sponsoring cake. It was really good and exceptionally popular!

# Summer BBQ Wrap-Up

## General
* Summer BBQ was last Thursday
* Many thanks again to everyone who helped!
* Generally it was a great success
* The last CS people left at around 11pm, the math people kept on partying
* In the end, the cooperation with the math people went rather well

## Organizational
* There were some hiccups in the beginning with FM and the power connection => We didn't communicate properly with them before where we would put the beer and cooling wagon, and they didn't like our locations

## Food
* We nearly sold all of the food
* Leftovers were:
* 1 2kg pack of (pork) schwenkers (8 pieces) => Sold to Math Council
* 1 Pack of red sausages (14 pieces) => Sold to Math Council
* 7 Packs (300-400g) of turkey schwenkers (14 pieces)
* Is in the freezer in the council room
* Can be bought at 4€ a pack
* Grilled Cheese was still rather popular, but probably we do not need as much as we had
* Vegan Options (Schnitzel, Burgerpatties) were really popular and sold out rather quick (we should buy 2-3x as much)
* Grilled Corn was also popular but not sold out as quick as the rest of the vegan options
* We didn't have as many salads => But people didn't seem to bother that much (probably should advertise it more)

## Lessons Learned (For next year)
* More Vegan options (Probably best to watch the supermarket offers a few weeks before to get them for cheap)
* Schwenker works much better with real wood as opposed to just coal
* Get in touch with FM early on so that they can tell us where to put all the things so they can connect it properly

## Misc
* The Math Council people proposed to maybe host other joint events, such as some kind of christmas party (Maybe we can host some kind of extension of Nikofete together?)

Game Night

The Game Night happens this Friday. Please fill in the poll that has been posted into the group. The posters will be done soon.
We thank the Prog2 team for offering us their booked room for the time of the game night.


If we are not clean in our council room, the FM cleaning stuff have to work much more than usually. PLEASE CLEAN AFTER YOURSELF.

Problem: We don't have a broom. We will buy one.


There were UFOs sighted. We also might want to buy one. The vote resulted in not buying one, since our current equipment is sufficient.