Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander_Rogovskyy, Adrian_Dapprich, Lukas_Abelt, Nils_Alznauer, Simon_Döring, Manuel_Messerig, Lisa_Raber (till: 18:00), Nicolas_Erbach, Julian_Baldus (from: 16:25), Anton_Voran, Mona_Schappert (till: 17:15)
Moderator:Simon Döring
Minute taker:Anton Voran



The KiF happened around two weeks ago, we got the following helpful input:
Sponsoring: we basically have no sponsoring, but we could get some easily.
Printer: Other universities usually don't have a printer.
Digitalisation: There is a consensus that many LSF-similar systems don't work well. Stud-IP would be an alternative (also it is open-source).
New council members: usually not a lot of first-semesters are in the student's council. We could make advertisements to improve that.
Informationsfreiheitsgesetz: There is a law that most information of official institutions should be puclicly requestable. However, in practice, this is not the case. We got a guideline on how to request data.
Previous exams: copies of exams is not allowed. However doing thought protocols is a good way to have access to exams. Giving students some motivation to do high-quality thought protocol would be beneficial for everybody. A sample motivation would be a Mensaar-voucher.
The protocol of the KiF will come soon.
The next KiF will happen on 17-21th May 2023. There might be a digital KiF in-between


We currently have no sponsoring cooperations.
Before agreeing to sponsorings, there are some general questions: Which companies do/don't we want to accept? Which events should be sponsored? What do we offer to the company?
Alex will do a writeup of sample rules on how to do cooperation we will then vote upon. There are regulations from the university we are subjected to. We will vote upon whether we accept a sponsering offer each and every time on a case-by-case basis.

We already got some sponsoring offers. Alex will do a wiki on our experiences with the companies.

Examination Office

There were complaints from students that the examination office is not in a good state currently, so Alex had a discussion with them. There will be a new website as soon as the next semester starts, which should improve the situation.

Google Developer Student Club (GDSC)

The GDSC is a by Google organized workshop program. A student participated in another university and wants to establish it here. The main request is support by the students council, e.g. with organising room and advertising events. We decided to support the students proposal.

Study Regulation of bioinformatics

The study regulations of bioinformatics are unclear. For example, the sample timetable suggests doing a language course, however it is not possible to get credits for all language courses. For the STEP we want to emphasize that the timetable is incorrect. Furthermore, the regulations are not clear, which needs improvement. Our first step to solve this is to write Mrs. Wilhelm to get clarification. Manuel will be the main responsible person for this.

Game Night

We planned to have another Game Night during semester break. We plan a game night to happen on 09/09/2022. Manuel will do a doodle to organize help, e.g. we need new drinks and snacks. The FIS e.V. currently sees no problem on supporting the game night. We want to collaborate with the Sopra on this.

Ticket Party

The ticket party organisation is not going well so far. Everybody should fill out the doodle as soon as possible.