Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander Rogovskyy, Max Walter (from: 16:59), Adrian Dapprich, Lukas Abelt, Nils Alznauer (from: 16:23), Clemens Beining (from: 16:23), Manuel Messerig, Keerthana Burly (from: 16:23), Lisa Raber, Munem Shahriar, Nicolas Erbach (from: 16:19), Anton Voran, Mona Schappert (from: 16:55), Rafi, Atul
Moderator:Manuel Messerig
Minute taker:Lukas Abelt


Game Night

We hosted our Game Night last week on friday (09.09.2022) for the SoPra (Software Engineering Lab) students. Manuel gave a brief report.

The overall organization went better than the last time as the shopping and preparing was done the day before, so we should continue this for the next time.
Overall it went pretty well and at peak times up to 35 people attended. For the next time we might want to coordinate the exact date and time a little bit better with the SE chair and their organization for the SE Lab.
We also had an increasing number of international students participating in the game night.

There were some hiccups in the organization and scheduling for shifts for setting up/tearing down that was critizised.
Manuel will try to improve this, however this depends on enough people from the council being able to help during the game night. If there are not enough helpers, Manuel will not be able to organize the game night just on his own.
The main problem for people to stay after the Game Night is that if they do not have their own car and could not get home if they stayed to clean up as there are no more busses going.
We discussed several options how to improve this:
- Organize a Dudle beforehand to organize Carpooling
- Start and end earlier (e.g. 4PM-10PM)
- The problem with this might be that the MMCI might still be used for lectures


We had set up a Dudle for the next Ticket Party.
Unfortunately still not everyone had it filled up until today. This is a general problem that some Council Members do not fill out the Dudles, even after multiple reminders.

After consulting the Dudle and members present, we decided to have a Ticket-Party this weekend on 24th and 25th of September.
We still need to organize the tasks so that we don't just start doing everything without a system behind it. We also need to check which tasks can be done beforehand.
We discussed how we should distribute the tasks. Lisa suggested that two or three people meet up beforehand and organize these tasks.

Lisa volunteered to take over a lot of the tasks that can be organized beforehands. Lisa, Lukas and Nic will meet tomorrow to organize the remaining tasks.

Walls in the Council Room

All the walls in the council room and the office have recently been painted white. We will discuss at a future time if we will put some color or our RindPhi on it.

StEP Organization

Manuel gave a brief summary of the current status of the Bachelor StEP planning. Overall the planning is going well. It is planned to have a Game Night, Campus and City Tours as well as a breakfast.

The StEP organizing team is asking for other people to help organizing these events as they cannot do it all by themselves. Max will organize the breakfast.
We also discussed organizing a Pub Crawl, however nobody has experience in that. We will try to contact Sven who (probably) previously organized these Pub Crawls for their help.

We also need to check how many people will be available in the StEP week so we can plan accordingly to organize all the social events and talks during the StEP. Manuel will create a Dudle and annoy people until everyone filled it out.

Adrian gave a summary of the current status of the Master StEP. They have already booked the rooms. The schedule will be fixed in their next meeting later today. The Master StEP has also asked for additional support during the event as some of the organizers cannot be there. Rafi has said he could try to support if possible. Additionally we will ask around again in the Telegram Council Group.

Campus Tour

We have been asked by Luise from the Student Lab to support them in a campus tour for some high school students.

It will be on 27th of September from 09am-11am. Manuel and Anton have volunteered to help them with that. Manuel will get in touch with Luise to organize the details.

Organizing Social Events

Manuel has pointed out that he is currently organizing most of the social events by himself. He has asked for additional support in the organization of the current, and probably new events, especially from the other elected members who put themselves forward for this during the constitutional meeting.