Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander Rogovskyy (till: 17:06), Max Walter, Lukas Abelt, Nils Alznauer, Clemens Beining, Simon Döring, Manuel Messerig, Nicolas Erbach (from: 16:18), Karl Schrader (from: 16:27), Anton Voran
Moderator:Manuel Messerig
Minute taker:Anton Voran


Computer-Science Council Chill Corner

The Seminar Room is not really comfortable currently and we would like to improve the coziness of the room. There is a FSR decision to improve it, but we have consense that we would like to change even more. Anton will make a document to collect ideas.

Semester Abroad

There might have been a case where people don't get credits for lectures from other universities. We are currently looking into it.

Ticket Party

We planned to do a ticket party last weekend where we would have cleaned up the council rooms thoroughly. However due to low attendance it did not take place. Manuel reminded all of us that these rooms are not only for us to use, but also have representative function (e.g. other students will adress us with their problems). There are very few valid excuses and we don't really understand why so few people had time although it was announced to happen a month before. There will be a doodle scheduled for after the step. The doodle will end this Sunday, and EVERY council member is required to fill it out.
The cleaning utensils for the Ticket party are already in the council rooms.


Lukas made a flowchart on how to use the dishwasher. Although you might not be responsible for the dirty dishes (or the clean ones) it is in everybodies interest to follow the flowchart.


Manuel gave a short update on the current planning of the StEP. Very few professors still were available, however we acquired Prof. Finkbeiner and Prof. Steimle.
There will be a Students Council breakfast on the 20th. of October. Everybody is required to help Lisa and Max who are the main organisers.
There is also a game night on the 19th. of October, however the rooms might not yet be available.
Today there will be an update of all facilities whether they will be part of the StEP.
We will ask former council members to help us out as there is a lot of organising to be made.

New Professors

We usually invite new professors to a meeting to welcome them, give them a good feeling and show them that we value them. For this, there is a group for new profs, where currently few people are active. We would ask the current members of the group to show more effort for this and more members to be part of this.