Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander Rogovskyy, Max Walter, Lukas Abelt, Nils Alznauer, Clemens Beining (from: 18:24), Simon Döring, Manuel Messerig, Sophie Kohler (from: 18:19), Keerthana Burly (till: 19:42), Nicolas Erbach, Anton Voran, Mona Schappert, Kai Vogelgesang
Moderator:Manuel Messerig
Minute taker:Anton Voran


Winter Party

The Winter Party will take place on 06/12/2022, from 10 to 4, with 6+ people per shift.
The organisers have a list of the ingredients to buy, there will be crepes, waffles and glühwein.
To motivate people to donate, we will prepare posters and more motivational things.
Possible charities to donate to: animal shelter, tafel, Kinderdorf (poor children), rock-your-life (Ukrainian children), kindergarden, kältebusse, pediatric station of university hospital.
We decided to donate to two charities: the Kältebusse and the Tafel, splitting all donations 50-50.
The organisers will look up the specific institutions.

Pub Crawl with anglistics

The posters for the pub crawl are now hung up (anglistics are hanging up theirs tomorrow). Currently there are very few participants. Every council member who has time should help.

FSR Elections

The elections will start on 28th of November. Currently there are 19 candidates, but only 15 will be elected. It is possible to increase the maximum number of elected members. As the elections are often based on popularity/how good the pictures of the candidates look, this might be a good idea such that everybody who wants to participate actually can. However, we can also end up in a bad state as people might not be participating as expected.
For this to work, we need to make an Urabstimmung, needing at least 200 students to vote for this.
We decided that we do not change the amount of council members (Votes in favour: 1, against: 5, abstaining: 3)

Advent of Code

Advent of code is an advent calendar but with programming puzzles, which also have an interesting story associated with them. It would be a very cool idea to have an internal Leaderboard (maybe also an CS-internal leaderboard) to participate.

Room reservation (Jugger)

The jugger club of the university asked to rent the Seminar room on 09/12/2022. Nobody has anything against it.

Examination Office

The new Examination Office website could still be improves, which everybody agrees to. Also the mobile website is also subjected to this problem. For example, the website is overall hard to navigate, things are non-consistent and the examination comittees are missing.
However, <some things we complained about beforehand have been fixed. We will send a list of suggested improvements to the system administrator.
Also we would like to again ask for the examination to open again for the public. Everything else on the campus has some option for physical meetings, but the examination office does not. We will write an official Email to them.

Ticket Party

The ticket party will take place this weekend. It starts at 10 am each Saturday and Sunday. The FiS will sponsor the food. Remove all your personal belongings from the students council so we can be fnished early.

Computer Science Council Chill Corner

Anton presented the results of the spreadsheet regarding the Computer Science Council Chill Corner. Overall there were some interesting suggestions like a mini-fridge, which is probably not possible. Anton will talk to more people and design a layout for the room.