Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander Rogovskyy, Max Walter, Lukas Abelt, Clemens Beining, Manuel Messerig (till: 18:37), Sophie Kohler (from: 18:30), Keerthana Burly, Munem Shahriar, Anton Voran, Mona Schappert (till: 20:08), Abdul Rafay, Ferdinand Könneker, Anton Wittig (till: 19:03), Jaidev Dave (till: 19:17), Vikram Singh, Nicolas Erbach (till: 19:36), Nils Alznauer, Julian Baldus, Simon Döring
Moderator:Sophie Kohler
Minute taker:Anton Voran


Hybrid Meetings

Some people dislike the current hybrid format. It is really difficult to communicate with the online people, and they have a more difficult time to interact with the people who are present at the council room.
There have been multiple proposals to resolve this issue, e.g. asking for a teams console, or getting a webcam.
However we cannot enforce offline meetings as it is mandatory that council members can attend meetings.
We decided that we keep hybrid meetins, but emphasize that people should only attend online of necessity, not only because of convenience.

Task Forces

Moderator: Manuel, Sophie, (Anton V.)
Minute Taker: Anton V, Lukas
System Admin: Anton W., Alex, Max
Mailing List: Max
Printer: Alex, Mona, Max
Social Events: Vikram, Rafi, Munem, Lukas, Manuel, Mona
Poster Design: Anton W., Ferdinand
NEXT: Max, ALex, Clemens, Vikram, Rafi
Social Media: Sophie, Manuel, Keerthana, Munem
Bachelor StEP: Ferdinand, Max, Anton W., Alex, Sophie, Manuel, Clemens, Simon
Master StEP: Jaidev, Vikram, Rafi, Keerthana, Munem
Busy Beaver: Lukas, Mona, Anton V., Rafi
Snail Mail: Max, Clemens, Anton V.
Anti-Discrimination: Keerthana, Mona, Clemens, Munem, Julian
Exam Collection: Manuel, Simon,
FSK: Lukas, Clemens, (Mona)
Online Support: Max, Alex, Anton V., Lukas
Repetitorial: Simon, Rafi
Breakfasts/Nikofete: Lukas, Clemens, Rafi,
SummerBBQ: Lukas, Rafi, Sophie
Cleaning: Sophie, Anton V., Lukas
Student Seminar Room: Alex, Max
Mampfkasse: Anton V., Max

Faculty Council

Manuel and Sophie gave some updates on the Faculty Council work. We have one vote as the Computer Science representatives.


EML has assignments which are due every two weeks. However, the grading takes a lot of time with very little communication. This is a big issue, as the students do not know how many points they got overall and thus don't know whether they are admitted for the exam.
Mona and Ferdinand will talk to the organisers, that communication is crucial. If this does not work, we might speak to the Dean of Studies.

School Integration

Some student has asked about whether there is a school-program organised by university. Something similar exists, e.g. at the University of Aachen. We have the Info-Lab, which is usually well received, but not that easy to find on the internet. In discussion, we came up with some ways to improve the marketing, e.g. updating the SIC-website, create a mailing list for all computer science teachers.
We think there are enough other workshops, e.g. the CISPA has something similar to the Infolab, information material etc., it is just not that well advertised.
We will check back on this in two weeks, otherwise we do not see any other need for action.


The SoPra asked whether they could rent out the seminar room in the Summer Semester. In general, they can have it, we only need the rooms during the StEP.

Voluntary Members

The following former voluntary Members have been reelected as voluntary Members: Adrian Dapprich, Julian Baldus, Benedikt Schardt, Daniel Wägner, David Bach, Simon Döring, Dominik Zimmer, Karl Schrader, Nicolas Schmitt, Simon Anell

Meeting Time Slot

There is a student council member that is not available at Monday 6pm. However, the best alternative time slot is at 4pm Mondays. We have voted that we now use these two time slots alternatingly.