Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander Rogovskyy, Max Walter (from: 18:23), Lukas Abelt, Clemens Beining (till: 19:34), Manuel Messerig, Sophie Kohler, Keerthana Burly, Anton Voran, Mona Schappert, Abdul Rafay, Ferdinand Könneker, Anton Wittig, Jaidev Dave, Vikram Singh, Nils Alznauer (till: 19:34)
Moderator:Manuel Messerig
Minute taker:Anton Voran



We are not very happy with the current situation of tutors right now. Last week we discussed benefits and issues of a central tutor seminar. Robert visited our meeting today and told us that there have been tutors seminar for Programming 1 and Programming 2, often inviting tutors from other courses. These stretched over ~5 days, with different courses on how knowledge is learned, didactics, presentations skills, how to motivate students to come to the tutorials. They want to add awareness for harassment. At the same time the smeminar was a team-building event.
We would like to offer a central tutor seminar, however for the summer term this might be too short-term. We need to work out a concept, such that we can advertise them to the professors. We will bring this topic onto the deans lunch.
As we support this topic, we could possibly sponsor pizza on a social event.
There might be three possible rewards for participation: Either extend the contract duration or pay, or award CP for it. Extending the duration will bring conflict with the current tutors seminars and other working contracts. CP however are usually not worth it, as tutors do not need them anyways, however it might be motivating if you get 6CP (for tutor job + seminar) and do a language course and then be done with free CP.
Another option would be to hand out a certificate similar to the weekend courses that sometimes occur during the semester.

Examination Committee

All the examination committees need to be reelected. These are important as they are concerned to everything regarding to course of studies, e.g. plagiarism.
Informatik (Bachelor / Master / International Bachelor):
- Alexander Rogovskyy
- Lukas Abelt

Cybersecurity (Bachelor deutsch / Bachelor englisch / Master / Master Entrepreneurial):
- Ferdinand Könneker
- Mona Schappert

DSAI (Bachelor / Master):
- Keerthana Burly
- Abdul Rafay

Master Visual Computing:
- Mona Schappert
- Vikram Singh

Eingebettete Systeme (Bachelor / Master Embedded Systems):
- Max Walter
- Sophie Kohler

Medieninformatik (Bachelor / Master):
- Anton Wittig
- Manuel Messerig

Coffee Machine

Karl offered to buy the leftover milk from the winter party. In general we are in favour of this, however we will wait with a decision until after the next meeting.


We now have a shift plan for the breakfasts which can be found in the telegram group. We will hang up posters for it until wednesday. We already thank Nic and Lisa for grocery shopping

Electronical Devices

We noticed that people are often on their mobile phone doing some other stuff. Checking messages for 5 minutes is totally fine, but in the last meeting it took over. This is especially rude when guests are present.
To improve the situation we would like to endorse a soft ban, which also holds true , and also take a break at some point. We voted that we will introduce the ban (10 in favour, 0 against, 0 abstaining).