Sitzungsprotokolle des Fachschaftsrates

Present:Alexander Rogovskyy, Max Walter, Lukas Abelt, Clemens Beining (from 17:41, till: 18:12), Manuel Messerig, Sophie Kohler (from: 17:18), Munem Shahriar (till: 18:19), Anton Voran, Mona Schappert (till: 17:00), Abdul Rafay (till: 18:21), Ferdinand Könneker, Anton Wittig (till: 18:28), Vikram Singh (till: 18:19), Nicolas Erbach, Simon Döring (till: 18:28), Daniel Wägner (from: 16:24), Lisa Raber (till: 17:26), Anna Feit
Moderator:Manuel Messerig
Minute taker:Anton Voran


New Professors

Today we were joined by Prof. Anna Feit, who teaches Human-Computer-Interaction. She used to be a student here too, so she already knows a lot about the student council. Thus the introduction of our work fell rather short. We then presented our current plans for the next semesters, e.g. the planned big quiz night, the StEP and the NEXT. We discussed a little on how we can attract more female people to the university. For example, it could be an idea to host female-only game nights to network. This would be especially useful at StEP. We might collaborate with Prof. Wolf regarding that as she is doing something similar with the didactics students.
Furthermore we currently do not offer a "thesis writing" support, as the current system does not support this that well. However students often struggle to even find a supervising professor. What could be improving the situation is a FAQ or a general portal where professors can advertise their theses or people can search for potential topic ideas. Another possibility would be a short introductory talk each semester.


The breakfast will take place on Wednesday. Check the shift-plan to not have any hiccups. As we will use both rooms, we will make sure that they are presentable.

University Open Day

The university open day is in May, and we want to be not unprepared this year. We could also contact Philipp Zapf-Schramm to coordinate the preparation. For example we could use the results from the rendering competition, steal Simons 4-in-a-row-AI, present a 3d-printer, make some corner for female students, try to get pictures from all former members to make a 75-years of students council collage, apply a neural network, or train some other AI (thank you Simon).

Deans Lunch

We will have a Deans Lunch soon, probably on Friday, but the date is not fixed yet. We discussed about the topic.

Students Conference TVStud

The TVStud is a organisation to form a working union for students. They have a conference coming up from 24-26th of February, where we might want to attend. We will ask the FSK or AsTA whether we can attend, as we think it is a good cause.

Neural Networks

We got feedback for Neural Networks, the exam was announced in the lecture and in the lectures forum. However they did not respond to our suggestion to offer the reeaxam earlier.

New Meeting Time Slot

As the lecture period has ended now, we will meet up every two weeks. We will try to get one unified time slot, which will be regularly announced in various telegram channels and by other means.


Manuel will rent out the seminar room on Friday afternoon.

Programming with Python

Programming with Python is a lecture for Bioinformatics master students. The exam description of the exam regulations in the beginning now differs from the short-term description of the exam content. Unfortunately the regulations are a lot more general, so you need to know a lot more than originally advertised. This feels unfair as students need to prepare differently than expected.
We agree that we want to do something about this, however this is on very short notice. We will write an email that this is an at least questionable practice.