25 Apr


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13 May

Online Game Night

The Students’ Council is organizing an Online Game Night this Saturday (15.05. 7pm CEST)! Join us on Discord and play games such as Jackbox, Codenames and Gartic Phone together. Or just hang around and chat.

6 Jan

Workshop: Green Software Engineering

The student’s representative council in cooperation with the Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld is organizing a workshop on Green Software Engineering on January 15 from 9:30-11:30, of course digitally. Since the number of participants is limited, please register until January 10 at the following link:


There are no fees. 

There will be an introductory lecture of about half an hour, during which Prof. Naumann from the Umwelt-Campus will explain the question of the ecological footprint of information technology. This is by no means trivial, as digitization and the necessary components such as end devices, networks, data centers/cloud-computing and also software are on the one hand seen as contributors to environmental pollution and climate change, and on the other hand are also traded as part of the solution to these complex problems. Information and communications technology (ICT) causes over 2 % of greenhouse gas emissions across the board and is thus of the same order of magnitude as international air traffic or even the CO2 emissions of Germany. Conversely, digitization offers considerable opportunities when it comes to savings and optimization: There are indications that consumption can be overcompensated by ICT, provided that optimization and efficiency potentials are exploited e.g. in the areas of agriculture, mobility, building automation and production.

As programmers, we have a great deal of influence on this impact when we design software. This will be the focus of the practical part of the workshop, in which we will be guided through the measurement environment for recording the energy and resource consumption of IT and software, and the setup and implementation of various tests will be explained. Test results will be interpreted and participants can come up with their own ideas for future projects.

The workshop will present the ecological ICT footprint in a coherent manner, as well as criteria for more sustainable ICT based on the “Blauer Engel (Blue Angel) for Software” and “Blauer Engel for Data Centers” certifications. (The “Blauer Engel” is a German seal for particularly environmentally friendly products).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us: contact@cs.fs.uni-saarland.de

23 Nov

Students’ representative council elections

Dear students of the computer science study programmes!

From now on until Friday you have the opportunity to elect your new students’ representative council. Due to the circumstances this year’s election will be held online by the AStA, so participation from abroad is easily possible.

You can find the 15 candidates for the students’ council and their election profiles here:


Afterwards you can cast your vote here:


The ballot count will take place on November 30th at 6:00 pm publicly via Microsoft Teams. Use the following join code (Teams > Join a team): pqt2z13

In case of problems please contact the AStA student council department at fachschaften@asta.uni-saarland.de . If you have any further questions, please contact us or the student council department at the AStA.

7 Nov

Online Semester Events Survey

Dear students of the different CS study programmes! Since we are facing a challenging semester due to Corona pandemic, many of our social events are not allowed by regulations. To let you have a joyful semester and to help you...
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4 Nov

Student Council Elections 2020

Dear Students of the different cs study programmes!

It is time for the Student Council Elections to choose the student representatives of your subject area! The student councils are a central element of student life on campus which improves study conditions, organize social events, represent the interests of the student body in different boards.

So if you would like to get involved, we would be happy to hear from you as a candidate. If you have further questions about the tasks in the student council, please feel free to contact us, either in our Discord or by mail.

Until the 9th of November (including), you can present yourself as a candidate for your subject area. You can find the application document and instructions on the AStA website.

20 Oct

Master Students Orientation Document

Dear Master Students, We warmly welcome you to Saarland University and Saarbrücken. In the document attached, we would like to help your orientation to our university and adaptation to the city. In there you can find all steps you should...
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20 Oct

Master StEP excitement is boiling up!

When – 22nd and 23rd October 12 noon to 3 pm
Where – Online! We will publish the youtube link here and through our channels at 11:50 am on the day of the event.
How – you can interact with us while the event is live via youtube chat or discord

Dedicated to 1st and 2nd semester Masters of Science in Computer Science (and related programs). There is information dedicated to international students who just arrived, are travelling soon or are looking for information before they plan.

There is no need for registration for the event. We will be live streaming the event on Youtube. The link to the event will be shared soon on our accounts.

Please also find the orientation document prepared by the council below to help you get started with your studies and to give you a brief overview of the Saarland University Campus.

We look forward to seeing many of you,
Computer Science Students’ Representative Council