Food Events

The student council organises regular breakfasts during the lecture period, to which all students are cordially invited. You can look forward to bread rolls with various cold cuts and jams, cornflakes, juice, tea and, of course, lots of coffee. Of course, the whole thing is free of charge. Sometimes we extend the breakfast to a brunch and offer you something warm as well.

In summer, we organise the summer BBQ together with the mathematics student council on the lawn behind the Günter-Hotz lecture hall. While the mathematicians provide you with cool drinks from the tap, the computer scientists work as “Schwenker” to prepare Schwenker, sausages, grilled cheese, etc. for you on an original Saarland Schwenker. (Notes for non-Saarlanders: The word “Schwenker” refers to both a three-legged swinging grill and the food that is prepared on it, as well as the person who operates the grill).

In December, the winter party takes place, where you can enjoy crêpes, waffles, mulled wine and, of course, hot chocolate and tea. Together with suitable music, you can get in the mood for the coming lecture-free days. At the winter party we collect donations for a good cause. We will announce who will benefit in advance.

We will let you know about the upcoming dates of all these events via our website, social media and also via our mailing list.

Here you can see photos from past events: