Public Screening European Soccer Cup

We are happy to announce that in this year we will offer a public Screening for the European Soccer Cup!

Join us and watch all matches of the German Team on the big screens in our lecture halls!

RindPhi Quiz Night Juni 2024

We are happy to once again host our RindPhi Quiz Night in June!

It will take place on June 20th on the Rooftop of the Guckelsberg Student Dorm!

Join us in a knowledge for wit, knowledge and honor!

Due to the limited space available, we highly recommend you to pre-register your team. For this, simply send a brief mail to Lukas with your team name and (expected) number of participants.

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RindPhi Quiz Night June 2024

The RindPhi Quiz Night once again returns for its fifth iteration, after a short pause. This time, we are hosted by the Rooftop Bar of the Guckelsberg Dormitory [1]. The Quiz Night happens there on June 20th. As per usual you can join up in teams of up to 6 persons.

In this Quiz Night you can join together as a team with your friends and challenge your fellow students and other participating teams in a competition for knowledge, wisdom and honor. Our moderator will challenge your minds in four exciting categories!

As we only have limited space please pre-register your team, to ensure a guaranteed spot! For more details, check the full post!

As usual, the winning team claims the reward of a 20€ iCoffee Gift card!

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Public Screening Football European Cup 2024

For all football (the european one, not the US one) fans out there, you are in for a treat: We are happy to announce, that we will live stream selected events of this year’s European Cup!

This will take place in the big GHH lecture hall or HS002, depending on the date. Of course participating is completely free for all of you! The door’s open 30 minutes before the start of the game.

Of course we will also offer some cheap drinks for you to buy so you don’t need to go thirsty. You are responsible for bringing your own snacks, though 😉

For now, we will definitely show all German matches of the group phase. However, we also plan to show some matches from the KO phase. More information on that will follow at a later point!

We are also looking for volunteers who are willing to assist us during these events to sell the drinks. If you are up for that, please write a mail to Lukas! Your help will be rewarded with free drinks and the eternal gratitude of our organization team!

Lastly a brief overview of the matches that we are gonna show:

  • Germany – Scotland: 14th of June, 21:00/9PM in GHH (E2.2)
  • Germany – Hungary: 19th of June, 18:00/6PM in HS002 (E1.3)
  • Germany – Switzerland: 23rd of June, 21:00/9PM in GHH (E2.2)
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Video & Board Game Night

It’s that time again, this Friday, 7 June we are organising another Video & Board Game Night and this time back at MMCI E1.7.

You can expect several game consoles in the Foyer, on which you can play Mario Kart, Just Dance, Smash or whatever you feel like playing. We will also continue to use the seminar rooms for board games so that you can let off steam undisturbed. Furthermore, a big round of Werewolf is planned at 9pm, which is a perfect chance to get to know some new faces in a larger group. You are all welcome to bring your own games to give us a little more choice.

As always, we’ll be ordering pizza at 8pm, so remember to bring cash if you want to join us and we’ll also be selling drinks on site for a small and fair price (but don’t worry it’s not compulsory to buy drinks from us – you’re welcome to bring your own).

We look forward to welcoming you this Friday, see you there, your Student Council.

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Discontinuation of the Cooperation with the NEXT Career Fair

Dear Fellow Students,

Many of you may be familiar with the NEXT career fair. Those of you who have been at university for a longer period of time may even remember its predecessor, the FiT.

Organizing career fairs at the SIC has been an integral part to our students’ council work for over 25 years. For many years, we have solely organised the “Firmeninformationstage” (FiT, “Company Information Days”). For a few years, the main organisation of the job fair has been taken over by the Career Center (Triathlon) of the university. The Students’ Council was still a major part of these job fairs, especially in the set-up, planning assistance and the support of exhibitors.

The cooperation with Triathlon was specified in a separate cooperative contract. This contract was cancelled by Triathlon at the end of last year, due to a shift in responsibilities required from the Students’ Council and the responsibilities laid down in the contract. However, both Triathlon and the Students’ Council were both interested in specifying a new contract to continue this cooperation.

After long and difficult negotiations with Triathlon, we want to inform you that we could not come down to terms that would have been agreeable for both sides. For this reason, the Students’ Council has decided in a recent internal meeting to discontinue the cooperation with Triathlon regarding the NEXT career fair.

The reasons for this decision are manyfold. While the organisation of the FiT, and later the first years of the NEXT, was carried out with a lot of passion and conviction by the involved members, this has increasingly faded in the last years. NEXT increasingly changed from a persuasion project to an “obligation”, sometimes even a burden. One reason for this is, that the NEXT itself has evolved. From a career fair aimed at Computer Scientists, to a career fair aimed at ALL students. A development that we generally encourage and want to support. However, it also comes with new responsibilities and additional workload for us. In our negotiations with Triathlon we could not find a consensus how these shall be considered in the future.

Therefore, we have decided not to involve ourself with the NEXT career fair for the time being. We would rather use the freed up resources and time to commit ourself even more to our existing events and maybe even establish some new ones.

This of course does not mean, that the NEXT will disappear. The Triathlon Transfer GmbH will continue to organize and carry out the NEXT. It is simply us as the Students’ Council that will not be involved any more. Therefore we will also not actively advertise the NEXT career fair on our established communication channels.

Even though we now go separate ways in terms of the NEXT career fair, we would like to thank Triathlon for the cooperation in the last few years. The discussions and plannings for the next were often very productive and we appreciated the constructive discourse with the employees of Triathlon. We wish them most of success for the upcoming NEXT.

If you, the students of the SIC still have questions regarding this decision, feel free to contact us via our established communication channels.

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Pub Crawl

At long last, the time has finally come! Join us Thursday, May 30th for our FSR pub crawl!

Register by May 23 via the link below so that we can plan accordingly and secure your place in a pub crawl group.

Meeting point for the pregame will be at the Saarbrücker Staatstheater at 18:30. Afterwards, starting 19:45, we will tour Saarbrücken’s bars and pubs in groups. If you forgot to register, you may still join us at the Staatstheater before we start the Pub Crawl, however we cannout guarantee that we will have space for you to join the actual Pub Crawl.

All participants receive a FREE beer!1

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