LaTeX Templates

To ease you the entrance into the world of LaTeX, we provide a few templates for you to use in your exercise sheets, seminar papers, homework and other documents. And in case you’re writing your Bachelor’s or Master Thesis, we have a template for that as well!

Currently, we do not have many templates, so any contributions are appreciated. If you want to contribute a template that you think fellow students can benefit from, please feel free to contact us or submit a pull request in the repository linked above.

Hint: If you want to get started quickly, you can use Overleaf. After registering (best use your university email address), you can easily import the template using the green overleaf links below. Make sure that in Overleaf’s menu, the “main document” is set to main.tex!

Templates for exercise sheets

SaarTex – Our Thesis Template

SaarTex is our bilingual template Bachelor and Master thesis as well as other larger works. This template is ideal for students of Computer Science and Mathematics and includes the most important elements (customisable title page, table of contents, sworn declaration, attachment etc.) of a thesis while also incorporating typographical best practices.

Perfect for getting started with writing quickly.

SaarTex template (open in Overleaf)

Templates of the University

The university also provides templates (including LaTeX and PowerPoint) for presentations, posters and other documents in its corporate design on its website.