RindPhi Quiz Night

No matter whether you want to learn something, show off your qerid niche knowledge or just want to have a fun night with friends: The RindPhi Quiz Night has something for everyone.

Once a month you get the opportunity to participate in teams of 4-6 persons in a battle for wisdom and pride against the other teams. Everytime we prepare multiple rounds of questions ranging from different categories, such as Saarland University, Computer Science but also totally different ones. Usually our Quiz Nights take place in one of the Heimbars of the Student Dorms in Saarbrücken (Guckelsberg, Wohnheim E, Waldhaus)

The best team of the night has the opportunity to win a unique price to take home. Additionally they get a place in our (virtual) Hall of Fame. Moreover we keep track of the best teams throughout the Quiz Season which may get a chance to participate in another unique event!

Any more questions? Check out our FAQ.

For the results of the last rounds and overall standings look at the Hall of Fame.