Computer Science Students’ Representative Council

Who we are

The Computer Science Students’ Representative Council, in short “Students’ Council”, is a body of students elected annually by all members of the Computer Science faculty. These students are eligible to vote and can therefore stand for election. You can see the current elected and volunteer members here.

What we do

The main task of the student council is to improve the study conditions. This includes organizing social events, such as the summer party and the Nikofete. We also provide a free printer and thought protocols of past exams. For first-year students, we offer introductory events every semester.
Another task of the Student Council is to represent the interests of the student body in various committees. These include, for example, the faculty council and the examination boards of the various courses of study.


The Students’ Council meets weekly during the semester to discuss these issues. Every student is welcome to join the meetings, be it to discuss questions or problems or to get information about current topics and events of the Council. You can find more information about the current meeting dates in the sidebar on the right.

Study programs we represent

We represent the following Computer Science majors in the MI faculty:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Computer Science & Informatik
  • Cybersecurity, Cybersicherheit & Entrepreneurial Cybersecurity
  • DSAI (Data Science and Artificial Intelligence)
  • Embedded Systems, Eingebettete Systeme & CuK: Eingebettete Systeme
  • Teaching Computer Science (together with Fachschaft Lehramt)
  • Media Informatics
  • Visual Computing

The following courses are represented by other Students’ Councils, but you can still contact us if you have any questions:


The student council is elected annually. All students of the above mentioned study programs are eligible to vote. The election is organized by the department for student councils of the AStA. More information about the student council elections can be found here.