Frequently Asked Questions regarding Examination Boards

Here we would like to provide you with information about examination boards at our university.

What is an examination board?

An examination board (Prüfunsgausschuss) is an organ at the university that oversees the organization, implementation and recognition of examinations. It ensures compliance with the examination regulations (Prüfungsordnung) and makes sure that examinations are fair and transparent.

Composition of the examination board

An examination board usually consists of

  • three professors or professoral members of the university,
  • one member of the academic staff,
  • one student,

and their respective deputies. This composition is intended to ensure that the interests of all member groups involved in the degree program can be represented. At the beginning of each term of office, the members of the Examination Board elect a non-student member as its chair (Vorsitzender). This person is usually given the authority to make decisions on a number of common issues on behalf of the examination board as a whole.

How can the examination board help you?

The Examination Board is your point of contact for matters relating to examinations, recognition of external academic achievements or in cases of hardship.

The examination regulations provide examples of some of the decision-making issues in § 7(5).

If you are unsure or need support, you are welcome to contact the student representatives on the examination board.

Your student representatives on our examination boards


  • Where can I find my examination regulations?
    Here. It should be noted that only the German version is legally binding.
  • How do I submit a request to my examination board?
    The request is usually sent by e-mail to the examinations office or chairperson. You can freely formulate the e-mail.
    The e-mail address you need to contact is specified on the website of the examinations office (Prüfungssekretariat) that is responsible for your course of studies. For Bioinformatics students this information can be found here.
    The examination office supports the respective examination board in carrying out the recognition procedure. The request you submit there is basically an request to the chair of the examination board. If you do not agree with the decision of the examination office, you can contact the examination board directly.
  • How do I find out who the chair of my examination board is?
    See Dekanat und Gremien. The chairperson is marked as “(vorsitzend)”.
  • Do I need help from a lawyer to formulate the request?
  • I am not satisfied with the chair’s decision. What can I do?
    You can appeal the decision to the chair. It is best to contact the student representatives of the respective examination board in advance. According to the examination regulations §7(6) it holds that:
    (…) If a decision previously made by the Chair is contested either by a [student] or by a member of the Examination Board, the decision shall be taken by the Examination Board; (…)
    This means that all members of the examination board will take a vote on the case.
  • How do I contest a decision?
    The challenge should be made in writing, e.g. as a reply to the chairperson’s e-mail where your request was rejected. It should be clear from the text that you are not satisfied with the decision and would like a decision by the examination board.

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