RindPhi Quiz Night – FAQ

What is the RindPhi Quiz Night?

The RindPhi Quiz Night is a monthly reoccuring Quiz event in which you can compete in teams against your friends and fellow students. A detailled description can be found here.

When is the RindPhi Quiz Night?

The RindPhi Quiz Night will usually happen once a month. There is no fixed day, but usually we try to organize it in the last week of the month. For more detailled information, stay tuned on our website and social media.

Where is the RindPhi Quiz Night?

Usually one of the Heimbars of the Student Dormitories will host the Quiz Night. For the exact location, check the post of the next Quiz Night!

How can I participate?

The exact procedure to take part will be announced in the corresponding post on the website. Usually you can register in teams of 4-6 persons. If you are a smaller team, you can still register that is okay – in that case you might be merged with another small team during the event to play together.

Do I need to pre-register?

Depending on the exact venue we may only have limited space for teams available. Therefore, registration is highly recommended if you want to ensure a spot. Details will be published on the corresponding Quiz Night announcement. Pre-Registration is done by simply sending a mail to Lukas.

You can always try and join spontaneously in case a registered team did not show up. However we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accomodate you if you did not register.

Can I participate alone/Do I need a team?

The question rounds are played in teams of 4-6 persons. You can also register as an individual or a smaller team, but in that case we might have to join you with another team to play during the event.

Is the event free?

As per usual the event is free for you. That includes free snacks!

However, we might introduce a voluntary entry fee that is used to spice up the price pool. If and how much you want to pay for that is totally up to you. There won’t be any negative effects on how much you contribute. All money raised by this will be used towards the price pool.

I am thirsty, What do I do about that?

We will always offer drinks at very reasonable prices during the event so you can stock-up in-between rounds. These will either be organized by us as the Students’ Council or by the competent team of the local Heimbar!

Do I need to bring anything?

A fun attitude, some friends and a little of cash for the drinks.

What kind of questions should I except?

We will ask questions in up to five different themed categories. Other than that there are no big restrictions; It could include everything ranging from historic, pop-cultural or niche language specifics in computer science. We always try to find a good Mix to have both easy and hard questions. Most questions are simply text based, but we also have questions supported by audial or visual media!

How much time should I plan?

We try to organize the Quiz Night in a way that we will be finished after 2-3 hours.