Informatics Kick-Off Highlights

The Informatics Kick-Off has ended, but the record is online on Youtube.
Highlights from the meeting:

  • Summer Term 2020 courses will start on May 4 and end on July 17
  • Winter Term 2020/21 courses will start on November 1
  • All courses will be carried out online (different teaching styles and platforms)
  • Full range of courses (no reduction)
  • Physical presence o the campus is not required prior to exams, online participation is enabled through the term
  • Exam dates arranged in four phases:
    • July 20 – Aug. 7: End of term exams for the summer term
    • Sep. 21 – Oct 9: Re-exam for the summer term excluding basic courses
    • Oct. 12 – Oct.16: Re-exam for the summer term basic courses (to avoid conflicts with the Sopra)
    • Oct. 19 – Oct. 30: Re-exams for the winter term

Further Information: Youtube Video