Rindphi Quiz Night

With the new semester just having started, we are pleased to announce a new social event hosted by your Students’ Council: The Rindphi Quiz Night! It is the first of a series of a monthly reoccuring series to find the smartest minds in our faculty!

In this quiz night, you can team up with your friends to compete against your fellow students in a battle for knowledge and honor. Our moderate will test your knowledge in five exiting categories! The winning team will be immortalized in our Hall of Fame.

Not only will we satisfy your thirst for knowledge, we will also take care of your thirst for cold beverages and offer those to fair and affordable prices. So grab a couple of your friends and join us for a heated and exciting night.

The first RindPhi Quiz Night will happen on April 27th with doors open starting at 7:30PM in the Rooftop Bar of the Guckelsberg Student Dorm [1]. The Quiz itself will start 8:00PM, so don’t worry if you cannot make it at 7:30 sharp. As per usual for our events, participating in the event is completely free for you!

The Quiz Night will be a monthly reoccuring event which is planned to happen every month on the last Thursday of the month. Throughout all events we will keep track of the most successful team which will have the opportunity to win a unique price and maybe even get a chance to test their knowledges against the professors of SIC.

With this being said, we hope to see you competing for the crown of knowledge on April 27th at the Guckelsberg Dorm!

Note: If you want to preregister for this event to secure your spot, you can send a mail to lukasa@cs.fs.uni-saarland.de with your team name and the names (first names are sufficient) of all team members.

[1] Guckelsberg Student Dorm (Google Maps)