RindPhi Quiz Night May 2023

After the first successful iteration at the end of April, we are happy to announce the next round of the RindPhi Quiz Night. We invite you over once again to the rooftop Bar of the Guckelsberg domitory on May 25th. One important note for this time: Due to limited space available and the high interest in the last iteration, a registration for your team is necessary this time (For more information, see the full post).

In this Quiz Night you can join together as a team with your friends and challenge your fellow students and other participating teams in a competition for knowledge, wisdom and honor. Our moderator will challenge your minds in four exciting categories!

Just like last time, the team of the Guckelsberg Heimbar will tend to your needs and offer drinks at affordable prices. We from the FSR will take care that you are supplied with free snacks for the evening. So join us and have a great evening with your friends.

The second iteration of the RindPhi Quiz Night opens its’ doors on May 25th 2023 at 7:00 PM at the Rooftop Bar of the Guckelsberg Students Dormitory [1]. The Quiz itself will start at 7:30 PM to give everyone a chance to get prepared for the quiz and grab a drink. As per usual for our events, participating in the Game Night is completely free for you! And just like last time, there will be a special price for the winning team.

For any other questions regarding the Quiz Night, check out the FAQ.

IMPORTANT: Because we only have limited space available at Guckelsberg, a pre-registration is absolutely necessay. For more information, refer to the “Registration” section at the end of this post.


For the quiz night you join together as teams of four to answer our questions. Due to limited available space, a pre-registration for your team is absolutely necessary. If you pre-register, please also make sure that you can make it to the Quiz and arrive before we start.

To register your team, just send a mail with the subject “Registration Quiz Night May 2023” to lukasa@cs.fs.uni-saarland.de with the following information:

  • Name of your team (In case you already have one, otherwise just the name of one team member)
  • Number of persons in your team

you will get a reply from us confirming your registration (If places are still available) or a slot on our waiting list otherwise.

Since we will be playing in teams of four persons, it would be optimal if your team already consists of four persons. However, it is definitely possible to register as individuals or as a smaller team. In that case we will join you together with other teams for the night of the event. In case your team is bigger than 4 persons, give us a small heads-up, we might have limited space for teams of 5 or 6 persons.

If your team has not arrived until 7:15 PM, we might re-assign your table to another team that spontaneously joined and is already at the venue. Therefore please make sure that at least one of your team has arrived by that time, or send us a short message if you will be delayed.

In case you did not register before the event but just join spontaneously, we will see if we can accomodate you in some way, However, we cannot give any guarantees that we can offer you a spot.

[1] Guckelsberg Students Dormitory (Google Maps)