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Advent of Code 2022 – Students’ Council Leaderboard

With December coming right up, some of you may already be eager to open their advent calendars. For those of you who may not have an advent calendar, or are up to some challenge for the december month, we would like to introduce to you: “Advent of Code” Advent of Code (AoC) is an advent calendar consisting of small programming puzzles and challenges that you can solve in any programming language you would like. Each day you are presented with a small puzzle consisting of two parts, allowing you to earn up to 2 stars for each day. Don’t worry if you don’t have much or any previous experience in competitive programming or coding challenges in general. The puzzles are built in a way that most of them can be solved simply by critical and logical thinking. Additionally all puzzles are embedded in a cute little backstory (As opposed to the dark backstory of Dieter Schlau for everyone who visited a previous iteration of Competitive Programming) to motivate you to help Santa Claus save Christmas, so really in the end you don’t only do the challenges to obtain stars but also you do it for the plot. While you do not need to be an exemplary student of AlgoDat or Competitive Programming to take part in AoC, for those of you that are into that, there of course also is a competitive aspect to the whole deal. The first 100 persons that finish a puzzle can earn points on the global leaderboard. Additionally we as the Students’ Council have setup a private leaderboard you can join to see how you rank against other students at SIC. However, be aware that the puzzles always release at 6:00 AM Saarbrücken Time, so getting on the leaderboard may only really be a matter…

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Summer-BBQ of the Students’ Councils for Computer Science and Mathematics

After two years it’s finally back: The joint Summer-BBQ of the Students’ Council for Computer Science and Mathematic returns. ON July 7th starting from 10am, you can find us on the outside area between GHH and E2.5. As also in the past we will set up a Schwenker to offer various items at small prices. Of course, there will also have vegetarian and vegan options available. The Math Council will be readily available at the to offer drinks (Softdrinks & Beer ) at fair prices. Additionally we are happy to once again offer a free buffet of cake and salads. For cake the FdSI has provided us with a generous donation. Many thanks from us for that!To offer a wide range of salads, we require your help! So if you know a unique recipe that you want to share and have some time to prepare a salad, just fill out following form: . As a reward, you will receive a voucher for a free drink and one item from the Schwenker. We are eager to see lots of you and hope to have a blast together with you while enjoying great weather, music and a good vibe.

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