Transparency on our own behalf: “Fachschaftseuro”

It may have gone unnoticed by most of you, but the last year brought a big change for Students’ Councils: The informally called “Fachschaftseuro” (“Students’ Council Euro”), gave Students’ Councils from all fields of studies new and better ways to organize and finance events for their students.

What does that mean specifically? As you all know, you have to pay the Semesterbeitrag for each semester you are studying here at university. A small portion of that is a contribution to the general students body (“allgemeiner Studierendenbeitrag”); currently this contribution is 13€ per semester. This contribution goes into the students’ body funds and is administered by the StuPa (Student Parliament).

Since the last year, Students’ Council can request funds from this money to organize their events. How much exactly can they use? This mainly depends on the number of students, that a Students’ Council represents and is regulated by the Fachschaftsetat. In short: Each council gets a base amount of 200€ plus an additional 0,66€ for each student in their main subject. There are slightly differing amounts e.g. for teaching students as they are represented by multiple Students’ Councils.

We also made use of this fund throughout the last year to finance some of our events for you. In total, we used 1,525.98 € in the year 2023. We want to be fully transparent about our usage of these funds. Therefore, we have created a small summary into which events these funds went: