SaarTex: A Thesis Template

For all of you who are writing or will soon be writing your thesis, we have good news: You can use the SaarTex LaTeX template to get started right away and not have to worry about structure, typography, the right BibLaTeX configuration etc. first. The template is available free of charge for all members of the faculty.


  • Bilingual: Both English and German are supported.
  • Structured: Includes a title page, table of contents, affidavit, bibliography and appendix. The structure is of course customizable.
  • Choose between our title page and other templates.
  • For students of computer science and mathematics.
  • Typographic best practices

Sample documents are of course also available:

We want feedback!

Have you used our template and have feedback? Then please contact us or create issues in the Gitlab repository!

By the way: We also have templates for exercise sheets. If you have your own templates and would like to make them available to your fellow students, please contact us!