Busy Beaver Award Winners Summer Semester 2023

F.l.t.r.: Manuel(FSR), Julius(Concurrent Programming), Lukas(FSR), Clara(Concurrent Programming), Prof. Zeller, Oliver(Concurrent Programming), Dr. Krombholz

As for every semester, we once again awared the Busy Beaver for extraordinary for the best lectures and seminars in three different categories. During the semester opening ceremony, we awarded the following three prices:

  • Base Lectures: Concurrent Programming – Prof. Dr. Holger Hermanns, Felix Freiberger (Represented by their tutor team)
  • Core- and Advanced Lectures: Usable Security & Privacy – Dr. Katharina Krombholz
  • Seminare: Specification-Based Testing and Debugging – Prof. Dr. Andreas Zeller, Dr. Dominic Steinhöfel

Congratulations to all winners!

Do you know an awesome lecture?

If you want to make suggestion about lectures and seminars that you think were awesome and deserve a price, please send us your feedback to: busy-beaver@cs.fs.uni-saarland.de